The art installations drew more attention at the Billboard Music Awards that their performance, it seems.

The controversy surrounding the art installations at Billboard has been all over social media since Nicki Minage and David Guetta’s performance of “Hey Mama”. The structures on stage at the Billboard Music Awards during Nicki and Guetta’s performance are said to be identical to those of a Burning Man art installation series known as HYBYCOZO.

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The original HYBYCOZO sculptures are so large they are used as chill zones at Burning Man and other festivals like Further Future. The resemblance between the installations at Billboard and the ones designed by Yelena Filipchuck and Serge Beaulieu for Burning Man was said to be so eerily spot-on that “people who weren’t even that familiar with the project sent us messages asking us if we did the stage design” says Filipchuck.


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Whether the stage installation was intended to be a replica of Burning Man’s design is yet unconfirmed. Stay tuned for more updates.