As his India tour draws closer, The Sherp uncovers more about Dash Berlin and his music!

India eagerly awaits the return of the flying Dutchman as Submerge brings down the trance superstar for a three-city tour this October.

Dash Berlin lives to the pulse of #musicislife.

This might surprise many of you, but Dash Berlin is, in fact, a trance music project consisting of three members – the front man DJ Jeffrey Sutorius, Eelke Kalberg and Sebastiaan Molijn.

It all began when Dash was influenced by his deceased father, who was a drummer in a jazz band. Prior to his discovery of dance music, Dash Berlin began playing the drums. He became a fan of electronic music in high school and started working in a record store in his late teens. Before he began mixing and producing his own music, Dash became an avid collector of vinyl trance music.

When he first stumbled upon dance music, Dash would go out and simply watch the DJ. What went on inside the DJ booth titillated his senses. Today, he is more engrossed in the crowd. Dash believes that what happens to a crowd while you’re playing defines your success as a DJ. A crowd going nuts over your music is the best gift an artist can receive.

His quantum leap arrived in early 2007 when he released the track ‘Till The Sky Falls Down’ which immediately caught the attention of trance ace Armin van Buuren, who included the track on his ‘Universal Religion’ mix album. The track went on to top the worldwide trance charts, and subsequently, Armin signed Dash Berlin to Armada Music.

What came next? A constant rush of nominations and awards and millions of YouTube views! And only two years later, in 2009, he founded his own label Aropa, which was a sublabel of the revered Armada Music.

One of his many inspirations was the Dutch producer Sander Kleinenberg. Although trance originated in Germany, today, the Dutch are surpassing the rest of the world when it comes to the genre.

Dash Berlin, who has collaborated with many talented vocalists, admits that it is crucial for him that their performance comes from the heart. He has to believe what a vocalist is singing or else it simply does not work.

A classic Dash Berlin track sets the tone for your interest in trance, and from then on, there is no looking back. His music can be hard-hitting at times, yet it possesses an uncanny ability to get you emotional with its celestial vocals and a unique raw sound that cannot be imitated. Perhaps that’s one of the most perfect elements of his music.

Fans are well acquainted with Dash Berlin’s 4 AM remixes and ‘Dashups’ – each one of them is pure and authentic ear candy. His reinvention of a track gives it a fresh, sharp and soulful finish.

Dash, who describes his sound as ‘emotive’, is moved the most by the little things and tiny details in a track. It compels you to pursue the rest of his music library. He has not only made a huge impact on his fan’s taste in music, but also their lives in general. The lyrics that are written to sheer perfection reach into you and grab your heart.

In a line-up of star-studded trance producers, for many fans it is Dash Berlin that emanates as the blue-chip. It only makes sense, then, for organizers to invite the Dutch idol to their country one year after another. Dash continues to headline the biggest festivals around the world and giving astounding performances to his fans at each one.

His album was named #musicislife after one of his most popular hashtags on Twitter. The album is now taking over the world in the form of a leviathan #musicislife World Tour.

With a knack for creating music for a global dance floor, this Dutch sensation continues to breathe life into clubs around the world and reminding us why music is life.