Lucid along with Ace Accentuating is bringing down French electronic musician Franck Rivoire who goes by the stage name Danger and has created the Danger phenomenon. He has become a prominent figure in the French electro circuit after only three releases. He has reached out to a wider audience by remixing artists such as Black Eyed Peas, Sebastien Tellier, Empire Of The Sun and many others.

It was video games that influenced him more than music. Danger creates an unparalleled and exclusive atmosphere where his music, beats and remarkable visual effects are perfectly blended to bring to you a stunning experience.

Danger will be playing an exclusive show only in Pune in a parking lot! And for the folks in Mumbai, they have a special something. ‘In The Dark’ buses will be provided to take you to Pune (available for a very limited capacity) and bring you back to Mumbai after the event. And all this (the travel + the entry to the event) is only for Rs. 1000! How cool is that?

When: Saturday, November 16

Where: Koregaon Park Plaza, Pune


Here are some tracks by Danger you MUST check out:

Danger – 11h30 (DATA Remix)


Danger – 3h11


Danger – 4h30 (Savant Remix)


Empire Of The Sun – Walking On A Dream (Danger Racing Remix)