New York author Dina Santorelli aims to shed light on the robotic success of the French Duo.

After Unmasking Daft Punk (quite literally) in an article we prepared last month, there’s a new book on the Frenchmen that attempts to do the same. The book promised to go ‘behind the masks’, although given how secretive the French duo are about their human identities, we doubted it would lift the lid fully on Thomas Bangalter and Guy Manuel De Homem Christo.

The book was released last month on the 21st of January but A Trip Inside The Pyramid barely scrapes the mask’s surface. It doesn’t have the kind of exclusive, in-depth interviews with Bangalter and de Homem-Christo that might thrust through the wall; in fact, the Robots don’t contribute at all.

The book attempts to list and define all the genres of music that influenced Daft Punk. This includes hip hop and numerous strains of electronic dance music. Here’s an excerpt from the official press release that came out before the official book release :

“Take the trip with Daft Punk: A Trip Inside the Pyramid by Dina Santorelli, on sale Jan 21, 2014, to go behind the men, the music, and the mystique to see why Random Access Memories, the duo’s most recent May 2013 album release, debuted at #1 on the charts in over 97 countries, including Mexico, France, the UK, Japan, and Australia.

See why the duo, consisting of Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, has been a global hit since the late 1990’s, and why their space-age look has become an iconic image for the millennial generation in this four-color book revealing the story of the men behind their masks.

Daft Punk’s robot helmets and overall space-age look has become iconic for the millennial generation. This gorgeous, full-color book will be the perfect companion for fans around the globe.”

An interesting read in spite of lacking a detailed personal touch from the mysterious duoThe book ends with, “What’s next for Daft Punk?”. What do you think? 

The book costs a cool Rs.1258, you can buy it here.