The Blue Dot festival which had its first outing at Jordell Bank, Cheshire recently concluded to rave reviews about being one of a kind and boutique in every way possible. But as festivals have it, there are always some grumpy complaints. 

A father has complained that the supposedly “family-friendly” music festival had a constant smell of cannabis reeking throughout the entirety of the event! Lee Taylor attended the event with his 6 year old daughter. The headliners for the festival were Underworld, Jean-Michael Jarre and Caribou. 


According to reports by Manchester Evening News, Taylor was quoted saying “The last thing I expected at an event that had been billed as being family-friendly was people smoking cannabis and skunk. I’m not stupid and could tell the smell a mile off. It wasn’t just one or two people either.” He also went on to criticize the lack of stringent security.

He said that other music festivals had sniffer dogs and amnesty bins for drugs, but the security at The Blue Dot Festival was just doing a random bag check which obviously was of no use.

Blue Dot responded to Taylor’s comments saying “Organizers work closely with the local police and other agencies to put procedures in place to ensure the event maintains an enjoyable and secure environment for all its customers. A zero tolerance approach to illegal substances is implemented with proactive security measures in place.

In the end, it’s a music festival. People always indulge in substances that are taboo to others. All we can say is, only a better security check can prevent this.