Promising to bring true underground electronic music talent to the shores of Goa, CTRL ALT DANCE Festival is back again.

Prepare yourself for four days of fun at Marbela Beach Resort, Goa from January 1 to 4. The festival is an outdoor, open air celebration of the entire spectrum of underground dance music. The lineup features only the very best Indian artists, highlighting the country’s thriving and ever-growing underground music scene!

The festival is designed to ‘evolve you senses’, and show some love to the futuristic music consciousness of Indian producers Ankytrixx and Friends, curated by Ankytrixx himself. Genres like deep house-tech, underground house, techno and minimal will be featured in the line-up. The resort in Morjim is perfect for the festival, with brilliant ambiance that’ll create the perfect party atmosphere.

The lineup includes some pretty brilliant artists like Ankytrixx, Kohra, Whosane and Anastasia, Bullzeye, Tekken, BLOT, Vinayaka, Pravin Achary, Clement, Ash Roy, Arjun Vaghle, Sanjay Dutta, Murthovic and Priyanjana. Here’s the entire lineup:


Head to CTRL ALT DANCE for back-to-back sets over 4 days, three stages hosted by the biggest labels in India, and some brilliant live acts! There are also going to be over 20 pre-parties across 16 cities. CTRL ALT DANCE will be your perfect alternate getaway from the usual crowded, noisy commercial festivals next month!