EDC has seen some of the best (and the worst) ravers over the years.

Thanks to various interesting chat forums, we have some of the best stories narrated by the party people themselves. Some of them are outright bonkers, some of them really cool, while others are just cringe-worthy. Nevertheless, The Sherp has compiled some of the best EDC stories and uploaded them here. Read on!

1. Of flying pizzas and subsequent hunger pangs


When your pizza finds out it has a life of its own (Courtesy: smileradio.net)

“I saw pizza turn into a cheesy kite on a windy day” is not a story on an acid trip. It actually happened, and the poor subject in this story went through it. There’s nothing worse than losing your pizza to wind. Nothing.

Screenshot (36)

2. When an army guy gets backstage access

VOLGOGRAD - MAY 9: Happy Russian soldier in the background of a column of armored vehicles built for the victory parade. May 9, 2015 in Volgograd, Russia.

When you serve the country AND get backstage access at EDC (Courtesy: www.123rf.com)

This really cool story via EDM MANIAC was narrated by an army guy who left his friends alone (on purpose), went to EDC, befriended a festival worker, got backstage access and met Krewella. Pretty cool, we must say!

Screenshot (37)

3. When acid connects people


Can you spot your friend? (Courtesy: tay.kotaku.com)

Acid can make you do really weird things, but if you lose your friends while on acid, it could induce slight paranoia. Fortunately for this girl, she jumped into the narrator’s arms and asked him to help her find a friends. The search was successful, and the rest is in the story.

Screenshot (38)

4. The ultimate raver, everybody.

We still haven’t found the video, but we’d love to hear some more stories from this amazing dude, who tore off his middle finger thanks to the policemen. Very interesting read.

Screenshot (39)

5. A drug rampage for 12 straight days


When the frstival’s over but you still feel like raving (Courtesy: redbull.com)

If it’s too long for you, this should do: a guy went bonkers with his drugs, still looked for pills, hung out with a super hot friend from school, and gets intoxicated every day for 12 days straight after EDC. That’s what festivals do to you!

Screenshot (40)

6. Two girls going hard on the HARD stage

We’re pretty sure the narrator of this story had a blast with this one. It’s almost as if he didn’t believe what was happening in front of his eyes. Major respect goes out to the guy with the flag. Read the story and laugh your ass off.

Screenshot (41)

This story got a befitting reply from another Redditor:


7. When you have too many stories to tell but you have a self-imposed word limit

This dude has been going to EDC for more than 7 years, so we’re pretty sure he has an entire library of stories to tell. But here, we get the zipped version of everything. Good times, indeed.

Screenshot (42)

8. What’s your rave name? Find out at EDC, just like Pulse did!

Screenshot (43)

In another story via EDM Maniac, the narrator met a guy called Nadii who christened him Pulse because Nadii had a look at his tattoo and told him that music runs through his veins. Coincidentally, the narrator also calls himself a first responder, and that the name Pulse makes sense to him.

Have some stories of your own? Let us know!