Corona Sunsets has just confirmed that Sam Paganini will turn up the heat at BlueFrog, Pune, this month.


After a successful debut in Delhi featuring Yousef, Corona Sunsets marches on to Pune with their incredible agenda on May 24. Corona Sunsets is a global music festival series inspired by the magical hour of the sunset. It has been conceptualized to provide a festival experience that inspires people around the world to unplug, unite and celebrate the energy and spirit of the sunset.

The second edition of Sunsets brings Sam Paganini, the Italian DJ/producer to town. Paganini’s music is essentially groovy, bordering on dark techno. Listen to his ever-famous track “Zoe” below.

Prepare for some insane techno beats at BlueFrog, Pune. Find more details about the event on Corona’s Facebook and subscribe to The Sherp to stay updated about the festival.