Feel completely incompetent in your design skills after seeing these sets which are worthy for our Gods.

Concert stages are crucial to be close to if you want to get the musicians to even glance over at you once while doing a crowd sweep (shout out to DJ Ashba for the wink). But at times the sets are so larger than life, you end up being mesmerised by just the sheer volume of lights. There is a reason why concerts evoke such emotions within us and its not all because of the songs. Here are some of the best concert set designs to date:

1. Rolling Stones – Steele Wheels/Urban Jungle Tour

(Credits: Stufish.com)

This 1989 set designed by Mark Fisher with help from Mick Jagger reflects the Stones’ rock n roll lifestyle. The set was a huge contribution to the tour which was an enormous success for the band. If this ain’t a stage you wanna jam out on, you need help A.S.A.P!

2. Madonna: MDNA World Tour

(Credits: rdtpop.com)

This tour was famous before it even began as it included controversial subjects such as violence, firearms, human rights, nudity, and politics. It was another successful tour for the singer after her “Drowned World Tour” and was dubbed as the highest-grossing tour of 2012. That’s why she still tours to this day and generates the biggest party for her fans.

3. Roger waters: The Wall live

(Credits: Entertainment Weekly)

Fresh from his break from Pink Floyd, Waters set out on a tour to perform songs from the album in its entirety without any other members of the band. The set was used taking the latest tech in video projection and holds the record for being the highest grossing tour for a solo musician. Guys, he beat out Madonna!

4. Queen: Queen + Adam Lambert

(Credits: Squarespace)

Freddie Mercury passed on but when Brian May heard Lambert sing on American Idol and joined him on stage for “Somebody to love”, he knew that his voice would match up to Freddie’s potential. The set has a huge oval screen, a perfect match for Lambert’s flamboyant personality and has a million lights that are out of this world.

5. Pink – Fun House

(Credits: Rock Art Design)

Pink has always had a larger than life personality and it certainly reflects in whatever she does. The same goes for her Funhouse tour where the theme revolved around a carnival, filled with clowns, floating hearts and an acrobatic performance by the singer too. Its a good thing she isn’t afraid of heights!

6. Skrillex: The Mothership Tour

(Credits: hypetrap.co.uk)

Being a DJ restricts the amount of mobility for the artist on stage, but Skrillex had an idea that was, well out of this world. He hid a booth into the ultimate space craft, fit for anyone wishing to return back to their planet. This honestly looks so good, we wouldn’t mind going to space now!

7. U2 : 360 Degree Tour

(Credits: Stufish.com)

Mark Fisher is back with a new stage, but this time for U2. The collaboration for this set is iconic, not just for holding the band in the centre with screens and a rotating platform but also a few hundred audience members. It is the largest structure built for a rock show and we have no doubt about it! This is #TourGoals for sure.

8. Krewella : Get Wet tour

(Credits: V Squared Labs)

V Squared Labs created this masterpiece called the Crystal Volcano for Krewella’s tour. With lazers beaming all around and bouncing off the crystals, the energy at the venue was bass thumping to a whole new level. Could this be the new way to flaunt your gems?

9. David Bowie: Glass Spider Tour

(Credits: andberlin.com)

In order to match the uniqueness of David Bowie, this tour was a theater performance filled with visuals, mini skits, songs, stage props and at the middle of it all, it was the huge spider that framed the stage. Thick velvet ropes formed the “legs” of the stage and gave it a wonderfully eerie quality. The bold and dramatic scene gives us the feels. We miss you David!

10. Lady Gaga: Born This Way Ball

(Credits: Gaga Daily)

This equally bold lady became an overnight hit with music lovers with her drama-filled videos, loud makeup and ghoulish dances. So when the time came for a tour, she did not disappoint. The set was designed in a way that could combine her five acts into a story that is still remembered to this day.

11. Daft Punk: Coachella Set

(Credits: YourEDM)

This duo made helmets cool way before Deadmau5 did and in a way that attracted the crowd to know what was underneath. They performed at Coachella in 2006 and the set was to die for. The Pyramid booth and the synth sounds created the best ambience which named it the performance of the festival.

12. Kanye West: Saint Pablo Tour

(Credits: inatgram/santinoloconte)

We bet there isn’t a dull day in the life of this rapper. At his concert stop in New York, West shocked fans when they noticed the lack of a stage, only to find it floating mid-air. The stage was suspended above the audience who created a banging mosh pit filled with both fans and celebrity friends. Say what you may, but this guy is a genius when it comes to creativity.