A throwback to Con Bro Chill giving the most salient TEDx “TALK” of the generation.

TEDx talks are known for being the channel for glorious ideas. Speakers like David Blaine, Bill Clinton, and Richard Branson have all given speeches at the esteemed event series and while electronic artists like Mark Ronson have made appearances, there’s never been an EDM talk at TEDx. That is, until now.

The footage of this neon-tastic TEDx event about “loving life” is as pertinent as ever. Con Bro Chill, the Portland-based quartet known for their outlandish approach & performances, kept the crowd at the edge of their seat till the event concluded.

In the video, the group takes the stage on hoverboards wearing Steve Jobs-esque turtleneck ensembles. “Partying is radical togetherness,” said the band’s leader, Connor Martin. You have to watch it here to believe it.

The spectacular video concludes with an elementary message: “love life.” Though the talk was given at the Portland TEDx event using the TED conference format, it was independently hosted by the local community.

Is this the most offbeat TEDx talk ever given?