Casinos have been around for years and have become a regular part of many people’s lives. However, with so many new casinos springing up online, it has caused many people to make the switch from traditional casinos, to new online casinos.

Even in countries like Norway, where it seems like there are more restrictions on online casinos, there are still several options to choose from. Nye Casino 2021 is a handy resource to find upcoming casino sites and the best bonuses for 2021 in Norway. 

If you’re unsure about the differences between new and old casinos, you’ll be feeling more assured of what makes them unique from one another after reading below. 


One of the biggest reasons as to why people choose to play on online casinos is due to the level of privacy that you can experience. When you’re playing in online casinos, you don’t have to be wary about any photographs or videos being taken when gambling establishments are monitoring people. 

As a result, you can play in the comfort of your own home and feel more at ease to play casino games. If you’re a more private person, being able to play casino games without being around others and without the worry of being monitored can make for a more fun experience. 


For the most part, you can expect to receive better support from online casinos compared to traditional ones. This is because there’s often support available 24/7. You can also get in contact with customer support in a range of ways that includes telephone, email, or live chat features that are available with most online casinos. 

Moreover, players who are interested in trying new games that they aren’t as familiar with can receive help on how to play. This is a big difference compared to traditional casinos where you usually don’t receive help or instructions on how to play games.

This is a benefit for people who are new to playing casino games as they’re able to feel more confident about how to play which helps you to focus more on having fun. 

Food & Drink Rules

Regular casinos often have strict rules when it comes to eating and drinking. If you feel like these restrictions put a limitation on your overall enjoyment of playing casino games, using online services may be more ideal. 

You’re able to play in your home, or wherever you are, without your food or drink impacting the games or anyone else playing online. In addition to this, smokers may feel too restricted when it comes to traditional casinos as they must step outside to smoke. 

Being able to play in the comfort of your own home enables you to play in an environment that you prefer, rather than having to adhere to various rules. 

Dress Code

Many traditional casinos have a certain dress code that you must follow. For some, this can feel like a restriction that’s enough to put them off from going into an establishment because they simply want to enjoy their favorite casino games. 

You can simply get online and start playing casino games with minimal preparation. 

Using Real Money 

When it comes to playing in old casinos, you’re given a stack of chips that you use to gamble with. This can create the illusion that you’re not using real money which can lead to a slippery slope. 

New online casinos enable you to play with your real money. This can help you to be more aware of how much you’re spending as there are no disconnection problems that can commonly happen when playing with casino chips.

If you find that using casino chips causes you to end up spending more than you planned, you could benefit from using online casinos as you’re always playing with real money which is easier to keep track of. 

Supported Currencies 

A major difference between old and new casinos is that the new online ones allow a wider range of currencies to be used. As a result, online casinos can be more welcoming for people from all over the world to play. 

For example, you can purchase credit in the relevant currency that you want to use. This means you can avoid the hassle and confusion of trying to convert currencies that you aren’t so familiar with. 

This takes away any of the stress while playing casino games. Instead of worrying about how to convert the currencies, you can just have fun playing in the currency that you know best. 


Many online casinos support multiple languages. Therefore, you can be sure to find an online casino that supports your language. Removing this language barrier means you can fully understand the games you’re playing.

In addition to this, you can get a full understanding of the various terms and conditions to make sure that you’re comfortable with how the site operates. 

Most of the large online casinos support Dutch, Czech, Arabic, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Greek, Italian, and more. 

Free Chips

People who play casino games online have found that there are more deals available. For example, a lot of online casinos will offer free money to play with and can provide you with bonuses that range from two to four figures. 

This provides players with more of an incentive to sign up for new online casinos and have a chance of winning without spending anything. 


The overall convenience of being able to play at home or anywhere you like is one of the biggest factors that sets old and new casinos apart. 

Traditional casinos require you to dress up and adhere to various rules, whereas online casinos let you be freer with you like to play your favorite casino games. Having said that, going out to casinos can be a fun time out. 

You can use both old and new online casinos and have a great time. Some will always prefer going into a casino to play, and others will make the complete switch to playing online. 

We hope that this post has come in handy to point out some of the main differences between traditional and new online casinos.