The lads have planned the ultimate bro road trip before they take to the stage at the Rajamangala National Stadium, Bangkok!

Summer is all about sunny days, cold refreshments and time to hang out with your friends. Coldplay sadly don’t have a lot of time to do those things, with a number of shows across the globe, but the boys are making the best out of their situation with a road trip straight out of a traveller’s dreams.


The four men have decided to make their way to Bangkok via road to get away from long flights and just hang out with each other. The trip will begin in Delhi after which they will need to pass through Uttar Pradesh, Assam, Nagaland, Manipur and then enter Myanmar.

From there, they will drive through the Kale, Bagan, Inle Lake, Yangon and Myawaddy border and then finally enter Thailand. The trip itself without breaks, will be for a recorded 76 hours, which in normal people’s math terms means a little over three days. However, the men might be making a few stops on the way to take in the beautiful sites as they drive.

The journey for the British men will commence tomorrow, on the 2nd of April and they are set to reach Bangkok on the 5th, which gives them a day to relax before setting the stadium on fire with their performance on the 7th of April!

We hope they don’t forget to carry their portable charges, otherwise it’s going to be a long drive indeed.

(Yeah right! Cause Coldplay has that much time on their hands, right? We love you guys but you just got royally fooled! Hope you had a kickass April Fool’s Day!

PS. Here’s hoping we actually do catch the “Paradise” hitmakers driving through the country!)