Recovering from the Coldplay magic on Saturday? Here’s some more good news!

This past Saturday, Coldplay gave the performance of a lifetime to 80,000 fans as part of the Global Citizen Festival India! If you were there, you’re still reeling in the events of that night, because there were so many. So here’s some more good news to keep the Coldplay fanboy/girl alive. Coldplay just announced, on Twitter, that the 4-man band plans to release a new EP next year!

The news about the EP, titled ‘Kaleidoscope’, comes just weeks after the band announced their tour dates for 2017 all over the world. It also helps squash rumours that their last and most recent album ‘A Head Full Of Dreams’ will not be the last music Coldplay will ever put out! 

Their latest release, music-wise, was the stripped down version of the track ‘Everglow’ from the same album, which he also happened to play at the Global Citizen Festival in Mumbai! The last tour date for the band on their schedule is on October 8th, 2017. Apart from that, no other information about the band or the new music is known.

We’ll just have to wait patiently that the band releases the new tracks soon!