The ‘sanctuary city’ will protect all immigrants after Trump’s swearing-in ceremony.

Local and State representatives of California have vowed to protect immigrants in the State after the 45th President of the United States’ plans of mass deportation could turn into a harsh reality.

State Assembly member Eduardo Garcia said that the state of California is setting up a fund to pay as fees for lawyers to represent immigrants who could face deportation and are looking to limit the amount of coordination between local and federal law enforcement when it comes to enforcing immigration law.

Garcia added that this alleged plan of mass deportation is not feasible because of the amount of money it would take and the affect it would have on society.


“We thought it was necessary to hear from our elected representatives, at all levels – dispel rumors, tell us what to expect, and how they are going to protect the community,” said Silvia Paz, who has helped organise the community forum next to the Coachella library to protect immigrants who are in the country illegally.

Mayor Steven Hernandez also mentioned that Coachella is a sanctuary city, where funds are not used to enforce immigration laws. Local police do not assist federal immigration officers and employees do not ask anyone for their immigration status.

Ever since the election, non-profit organisations that work with Coachella’s immigrant population noticed an increase in tensions relating to the Trump administration and how it might affect their lives because of his ideology on illegal immigration. In the past, he has referred to Latinos as ‘criminals or the people stealing American jobs’, but dismissed their contributions to the country.

Many speakers have encouraged community members to stay well-versed with the latest policies and their developments while supporting their communities and each other.

Let’s not let fear get in the way!