In another surprise thrown into the traditional Welcome Box provided with a Coachella pass, the festival has taken a step into the future, as they’re giving out Virtual Reality headsets to all ticket holders, along with an app that’ll allow you to experience a whole lot of other stuff from Coachella!

In association with, the app will include videos and other VR content from the current edition, and 360-degree photos from previous editions of Coachella. While you need a ticket for the VR headset, the app is free for everyone, so you’re lucky if you already have a VR headset compatible with your phone at home. It is an extremely intelligent way to promote the festival brand as a whole, and give people who’ve never attended Coachella in their lives a taste of the annual extravaganza.

The official Coachella website states, “Before, during, and after the festival in April, fans from all over the world can be immersed in performances from top artists, experience 360-degree panoramic experiences from around the festival grounds, and watch VR experiences created by other festival-goers.”



Virtual reality, as Coachella has wonderfully declared, is the way forward for music festivals around the globe, and it is only a matter of time till you see emulators from all corners of the world incorporating virtual reality in their festivals too.