Coachella tries to promote green habits and recycling at their festivals via art in association with Global Inheritance.

As the number of festivals increase, so does their impact on natural surroundings. In a bid to reduce their footprint, some festivals like Coachella have started taking measures to boost recycling and green measures. One of their most popular programs is the Trashed X Coachella in association with environmental organization Global Inheritance. This program together with Dumpster Rental in Revere, motivates individuals to learn how to dispose of their waste instead of dumping it directly into the landfill.

The program encourages artists (professional or amateur) to redesign a recycling bin into an artistic masterpiece and inspire millions to “rethink trash” and start recycling. Out of all submissions (Deadline : February 14), one lucky artist will be selected to redesign a 65-gallon recycling bin to grace the grounds of Coachella 2016. In return for their skills and talent, they receive a VIP pass for Weekend 2 of the festival.

Check out some of the stunning artwork from the previous years :


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