A melting pot of the old and new will grace the Coachella grounds this April – Steely Dan, Axwell Ingrosso, Drake, AC/DC, Kygo and many others 

coachella3(Image Courtesy: imgur)

The double weekend Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival has just lifted the veil over their massive roster that’s set to take over California this year. The line-up includes a mix of today’s best talents, as well as some legendary musicians from an era long gone. Check it out below:

coachella2(Image Courtesy: Coachella Facebook)

Last year’s ticket sales income shot up by a humongous $11 million, and the festival set an all time record by attracting 96,500 festival goers per day, clocking up a total of 579,000. As a spectacle, there are few gatherings that can step up to the standards that Coachella has set up , be it in terms of – production, hand picked line – up, people, organization – Coachella never fails to draw aces year after year. Tickets for the festival will be out soon. Check it out HERE.

The line-up announcement was constantly trending, and Twitterville was full of opinions. Be it the extreme difficulty in reading the small font printed on the flyer, or the inclusion of AC/DC and Steely Dan on the roster, there were plenty of positive and negative responses to the announcement. Check it out below:


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