Coachella plays cupid for pumped-up, hormone crazed singles! 

Coachella 2017, that happens in Indio, California in the midst of the scorching Californian desert was a wild rage of music, art, people and of course their hook ups! In what turned out to be one awesome week-long shenanigan of partying for festival crazies who flocked to the Californian desert from all across the world, the Sherp brings you the steamiest and craziest facts about the hook-up scene at Coachella!

In a survey conducted by Plenty of Fish, of over 1800 singles across the United States between the ages of 18-40, stats revealed that singles flocking to the festival are indeed a hot raging mess who are on the lookout for their spring flings!

A whopping margin of about 70% of singles revealed that they would be open to hooking up at a music festival or concert, whereas only 21 percent have actually taken the plunge, having hooked up at a music festival or concert in the past.

Would you ever hook up with someone at a music festival or concert?

Men response :

Credits: Plenty Of Fish Blog

Only about 21% of men of the 84% who are interested in flings, go ahead with the deed.

Would you ever hook up with someone at a music festival or concert?

Women response :

Credits: Plenty Of Fish Blog

Compared to 21% of men, only a low 9% of women, actually end up having flings at the festival.

There is a trait that stands out with every person attending Coachella and while most singles revealed that they are open to festival flings, here’s what they had to say about other singles at the festival:

  • They’re adventurous (25.7%)
  • They’ve got great musical taste (22%)
  • They’re trendy (18.2%)
  • They try too hard (10.1%)
  • They’re a music snob (7.4%)
  • They’re too young for me (6.8%)
  • They’re looking to hook up (5.8)
  • They’re a showoff (3.9%)

Festival flings are awesome and they can really result in some exciting memories!….

And, umm…sometimes they just may not.

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