The ‘Chrysalis’ is your eight minute long colourful adventure to another dimention.

Were you wondering about those cool pictures of people at Coachella being mesmerized by a dome with some trippy print on it? Well, look no further cause we have the answer!

Obscura Digital, the force behind the light projections captured the attention of most of the Coachella attendees at the Antarctica Dome this year. The eight minute long audiovisual journey began with a “Shamanistic rite-of-passage ceremony” and continued through the sky and cosmos called Chrysalis. And now you get to be a part of the experience without sticking to a few hundred sweaty people at the festival.

Watch the 360 degree video here and don’t forget to get all the angles!

Creative Director Joshua Pipic stated, “We started with the idea of campers gathering around a fire together in the wilderness, and embarking on this psychedelic experience after that. People overuse the word ‘immersive,’ but it’s the most immersive thing I’ve ever worked on.”

The dome was custom-built for Coachella and might make another appearance (with a new visual experience) next year, as a part of a new series by Obscura Digital. Read all about it here. Check out Coachella’s FB page here.