Lisa Ling, a former raver, delves right into Mysteryland as part of a vigilante team to protect people from toxic party drugs.

In a video that aired as a CNN television special, former raver and EDM fan turned major investigative journalist Lisa Ling heads to this major dance music festival. She has also published a penned essay about her experiences with the culture, opening up about her life as a “rave-queen” and becoming a journalist. In this episode of the show, Ling and her camera crew explored the drug culture at EDM festivals, and the dangers of taking adulterated Molly (MDMA).

Speaking about the number of deaths caused by deadly additives like heroin, speed or even crystal meth to what is believed to be pure MDMA, the episode also attempts to understand the important role these drugs play in EDM culture. Ling and her team also join one of the attendees to case study some of the drugs they found using a test kit, and even tested people’s drugs for free.

Watch it here!