Brijeel Aqua were like saviour angels around every corner, ensuring that each festival attendee was well hydrated without shelling a rupee. 

“Will there be alcohol at Supersonic, bro!?” To answer the question that almost every attendee had raised – yes, where was alcohol (for those legal to consume!). But to get to the more important and often overlooked question about water, Vh1 Supersonic offered free water at multiple water stations spread across the festival venue, courtesy of Brijeel Aqua.

Be it in between sets, during a stroll through the Super Flea or even during the most crowded performance, one could easily avail free water at multiple points at every stage and zone. Hence, while we all thank Vh1 Supersonic for putting up one of the most killer editions of the festival ever, the real credit must go to their hydration partner, Brijeel Aqua, for ensuring that mankind’s most prized liquid was served adequately at the festival and that there wasn’t any case of dehydration at all.

With festival experiences in India becoming more prominent and well received, and with fans willing to spend moderate to high sums to attend them, it becomes the basic responsibility of the festival itself to ensure that its patrons are taken good care of. Vh1 Supersonic did just that and yet again proves why it’s India’s most loved music festival.

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