IIT’s popular annual cultural festival will be attended by the highly decorated Hollywood director behind movies like ‘Inception’, ‘The Batman’ Series and ‘The Prestige’  

nolan1(Image Courtesy: Mood Indigo Facebook)

Mood Indigo’s film department, Illuminati, has just announced that Christopher Nolan will be present at the festival at this year’s edition. The visionary film director has been the brains behind some of the top grossing movies in Hollywood – ‘Inception’, ‘Man Of Steel’, ‘The Dark Knight’, ‘The Prestige’ and the highly anticipated upcoming blockbuster ‘Interstellar’.

nolan2(Image Courtesy: Interstellar the Movie Facebook)

The festival conducted a small teaser campaign around the IIT grounds in Powai, before finally revealing their marquee guest at this year’s festival. It’s the perfect time for Nolan to be visiting the country, with Interstellar releasing around early November.



Mood Indigo, now in it’s 44th year, is one of Asia’s largest cultural festival and attracts a whopping 1,04,000 students from more than 1500 colleges all over the country. It holds a Limca record for the maximum number of international artists at a cultural festival. The festival will be held from December 26 – 29 this year.  Know more about the festival HERE.

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