Google has just released an extensive Google Map version of Black Rock City – the home of Burning Man. 

black rock city TerraSAR-X Satellite Mission Manager Stafan Buckreuss(Image Courtesy: TerraSAR-X-Satellite Image by Mission Manager, Stafan Buckreuss.)

We’re a bit more than a month away from the world’s leading transformational festival and a satellite image of the splendid Death Star resembling venue has emerged. Burning Man is an immersive experience that sees about 50,000 free-spirited individuals every year in the dessert of Nevada. Known for the fascinating art and hedonistic vibes, there is little doubt about whether a trip to BM is an interesting affair or not.

burning man map

This unofficial map is very detailed, with location of every restroom, medical center and stall accurately represented on it. This should certainly help a ‘Burner’ navigate much more efficiently around the deserted campsite located smack in the middle of the Nevada desert. Anticipation for this one-of-a-kind festival has always been high, especially for first timers, who are not advised to treat Black Rock City like any other festival venue they’ve ever been at. The absence of currency, strict barter systems and a large hippie population at the festival contribute towards the magic of Burning Man. We’ve pulled out one Burning Man video from the vault, do check it out:

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