It’s a banger, alright.

We often hear people say that they’re ‘into all sorts of music’.  Then you have Chase and Status, an essential drum and bass electronic act that pull no stops when it comes to experimenting with, ‘all sorts of music’. You want evidence? Listen to the preview of their new album ‘Brand New Machine’.

For those of you don’t already know – Chase and Status came together nearly a decade ago and consists of Saul ‘Chase’ Milton and Will ‘Status’ Kennerd. Surprisingly, their first music was more dubstep than drum and bass which back then was referred to as ‘Nu–skool breaks’.  More than anything, this gave them the reputation of being ambitious. They were signed by the label called Renegade Hardware, which at one point of time was respected in drum ‘n’ bass circles.

Ten years later, Chase & Status found themselves with a Platinum Album, 2011’s No More Idols which featured some of their best tracks like Blind Faith, Let You Go and pretty much everything. No More Idols had also topped the UK Dance Album charts.

Chase & Status propel everything along with characteristic confidence seen in their latest album ‘Brand New Machine’.

Brand New Machine is an exciting album because of its star-studded collaborations. Featuring some of the biggest names in electronic music like Major Lazer and Nile Rodgers, as well as some stellar vocalists like Abigail Wyles and Eli Ingram.

Breaking it down
As tracks, everything you’ll listen to on Brand New Machine is very Chase and Status –esque but also includes variations and infusions of other genres. Take for example ‘Pressure’ featuring Major Lazer – It’s has a fulfilling chilled-out, Moombah groove to it.

Daft Punk’s right-hand man, Nile Rodgers, joins hands with vocalist Abigail Wyles for the track ‘What Is Right’ sports classic Chase & Status drum ‘n’ bass. Then there’s ‘Machine Gun’ – Rapper Pusha T lends his catchy rhymes to an otherwise bass driven trap mix. ‘Heaven Knows’, features 19-year-old Elli Ingram (newly famous for her cover of Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Poetic Justice’) whose strong vocals along with slow Drum and Bass can hypnotize.

Their album is a definite crowd pleaser. Yet their core ingredient – that head-rush, will be and always will be their obsession with 90’s dance music.

The album dropped today and the Sherp is eagerly waiting to see them headlineThe Bacardi NH7 Weekender in Pune, in two weeks. Although it will be a DJ set, we’re sure it will be just as ferocious.

Here’s the tracklist. Let us know which one is your favourite.

‘Brand New Machine’ Tracklisting:
1. Gun Metal Grey
2. International
3. Count On Me (Featuring Moko)
4. Blackest Blue (Featuring Ed Thomas)
5. Pressure (Featuring Major Lazer)
6. Machine Gun (Featuring Pusha T)
7. Gangsta Boogie (Featuring Knytro)
8. Heaven Knows (Featuring Elli Ingram)
9. Lost and Found (Featuring Louis M^tters)
10. Like That (Featuring Moko)
11. Deeper Devotion
12. Breathing (Featuring Bo Saris)
13. What Is Right (Featuring Nile Rodgers & Abigail Wyles)
14. Alive (Featuring Jacob Banks)

iTunes Edition Bonus Tracks:
15. International VIP (C&S vs SKRILLEX)
16. Gangsta Boogie VIP (Featuring Knytro)
17. Wickedest Man (Featuring Riko)
18. Count On Me (Andy C Remix)