Just like his name suggests, this British artist has been bringing the heat with his epic signature beats for years!

The Sherp was happy to sit down with the artist a.k.a Daley Padley before he went on stage at the Absolut Enchanted Valley Carnival and he opened up, in an exclusive interview, about his musical journey.

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The Sherp: How does it feel to be performing at EVC for the first time?

Hot Since 82: Well, I’ve never been to India and I’ve always wanted to come. Yeah so, I’m quite excited. And my favourite food is actually Indian food as well; I had Vindaloo for breakfast in the morning (laughs); that was the first time. So yeah, I’m really happy to be here. Everyone’s really friendly, the weather’s been lovely and this is the last show of the tour as well.

The Sherp:  When was the first time you realised that this is your career path?

Hot Since 82: I can’t really do anything else, I’m pretty stupid at anything else (laughs). When I was younger, all my friends had a hobby, whether it was playing on their bikes or football or something. I never had a hobby, ever. All I used to do was listen to music and make mix tapes at home on a Sunday; that’s the only thing I did. I managed to get some records and headphones and stuff at 17, and then by 18 I had a job in the local bar from where I’m originally from, in my hometown. That job lasted 6 years and within those 6 years I started playing at clubs nearby and just somehow managed to make a living out of it.

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The Sherp: What’s your story been like so far?

Hot Since 82: Like I said previously, I’ve always been DJing since I was 17. But from 2009 to 2011, I stopped making music for 2 years cause I guess I was was in a bad space in my private life. And I think, however you’re feeling reflects the way you play and perform and more importantly, how you makes music. So, I just wasn’t in a good head space. I took two years out and renovated the property that I pitched in England and I moved back into the city centre of Leeds.

At the time, deep house was just exploding in the UK, so heavy bass lines and female vocals and things like that were coming back in fashion again. And I come from a soulful background, so having strings, symphonies, vocals and records really moves me. So previously, before that, it was getting very techno, very minimal, very boring actually. There was this huge explosion and basically, if any club in England played vocal records, girls would come to the party. And if girls come to the party, guys come to the party, and you have an incredible party. And that’s what was happening again, in Leeds.

Leeds is famous for being like the ‘club capital of the UK’ cause there are parties everywhere. You go out Thursday and you come back on Tuesday, so it’s intense. I was living in the city centre of Leeds again and I was like “oh I like this”, and some of my friends were like “oh this music is really good you should put it out”.

However, I was really biased about Djing again cause I had a sour time before and I didn’t want to DJ again really. I had no aspiration to do it, but my friends said that I should sell this record. At the time, Noel Music, this record label was doing really well, and I used to put music out on this label four or five years ago. But, without even trying, I just went on Skype one day and said “Hey Noel, listen to this” and he said “Oh that’s great. Let’s sign you”. And before I know it, it was number 3 on Beatport. And then, just like an explosion, Beatport wanted a remix. People wanted to book me and yeah the rest is history. That was five years ago. If you’re really lucky, obviously a thousand and one people want to do this job. But I do have a lot of passion as well. I put a lot into performing and obviously the music.

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The Sherp: Who do you credit as your inspiration?

Hot Since 82: I guess my mother, really. A lot of people on my mother’s side are in bands and they play instruments. They’re all musicians, teachers, etc. And my dad used to be a dancer at some old raves and parties; Northern soul music back in the day like in the late 70’s and early 80’s. So I guess it’s been in my blood. My mom had a huge record collection of vinyls and huge boxes of cassettes. So everyday, there was a specific time in the afternoon or the evening when she would go to her bedroom and just play record after record. So I guess that’s where I get it from. I do the same when I’m home now. There’s music playing in every single room of my house. So in the living room I’ll have MTV or Vh1 on, in the kitchen I have Spotify on, upstairs is the studio and there always has to be music. I just don’t like to walk into a quiet room.

The Sherp: We heard you recently got engaged. Did you ever think of proposing to your girlfriend on stage?

Hot Since 82: Oh no, she would absolutely die. She’s not into partying or anything like that, which is good because I don’t think I could ever have a partner who likes to party cause I’ve stopped partying now. I’ve partied enough; I don’t need that anymore. I’m getting old now. I just makes everyone else party now (laughs).

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The Sherp:  If you had a chance to bring an artist to perform with you at EVC, who would it be?

Hot Since 82: Michael Jackson. I know he is no more but I love Michael Jackson. He’s the ultimate performer. So if I had to pick anyone, it would still be MJ.

The Sherp:  What’s your favourite festival moments?

Hot Since 82: This summer has been crazy. Listen, as long as the sun has been shining at festivals, it’s great. There’s nothing worse than rain at festivals. So for me, as long as the sun is shining and you’re surrounded by good people, it’s all good. I like to bring a lot of friends when I play at festivals. So as long as people are having a good time, I’m having fun as well. I love festivals. I try and take time out so I can go outside and experience festivals for myself as well. I never stay backstage at festivals. I always do a walk around and try and scope it out.