Oh, how we waited for a new song from The Chainsmokers!!

All our prayers have been answered finally and “Paris” will be released this Friday the 13th! It’s totally lucky, btw! January 2017 will be the birth of the ultimate dance number that we will be playing and dancing to for the rest of the year.

The song is the first successor of tracks like “Don’t Let Me Down” and “Closer” as well as the EP exclusive track, “Setting Fires” from the EP ‘Collage’.  The Chainsmokers never fail to entertain us and they surprised everyone by playing this song at their show at the Los Angeles Convention Center, at the end of the last year.

Credits : img13.deviantart.net

Needless to say, the song has already sparked immediate interest among the fans, given that everyone knows, how cool The Chainsmokers’ tracks are!

Listen to the teaser below! We can’t wait for the whole song to come out, so stay tuned for details!