Getting their first Grammy has definitely given The Chainsmokers a high that they cannot let go!

After their Grammy win for “Don’t Let Me Down” as the Best Dance Recording, the duo, who have graced our ears with “Closer” last year, are back. On February 17, 2017, the boys teased a look for the upcoming video for their newest single “Paris”.

And then, on February 16th, they took to Twitter to answer some of the questions that fans had asked them. Here comes the revelation that the upcoming album, Memories: Do Not Openwill consist of all new music besides lead single “Paris.”

Moreover, they informed fans that their favourite The Chainsmokers’ song is on this new album. We are just wondering about the authenticity of that. This album may really be their best yet, folks!

Their debut LP, Memories: Do Not Open, is set for an April 7th release and it is a concept album. It will tell a story and we cannot wait to see how it unfolds. Additionally, The Chainsmokers are hitting the road for an arena tour in Miami on April 13th. The year keeps getting better for them.

The album will be out before April 13th, that’s confirmed.