In the ‘All American Family’ of music festivals, some shine brighter than the rest! Celebrate the 4th of July with this list of American music festivals that make the country proud! 

When it comes to music festivals, America churns out an impressive mix year after year, with new festivals regularly rising up to assume the mantle of eclectic deliverance. It’s impossible for the country to go an extended period of time without a music festival on the anvil. With the ready availability of the biggest musical icons, and great musical history, American music festivals do the culture great service.

On the event of the American Independence Day, The Sherp rounds up the ten best festivals in America – that every American must be proud of, and everyone one, par nationality, must check out to experience American music culture.


Coachella is the one that rakes in the stars, the biggest names in the music industry, while one that generously retains its original alternative, indie vibe, as it juggles both with appreciable balance. It’s with good reason that it has gone to be the most expensive festival in the world, as everything that’s associated with the festival becomes an indispensable part of pop culture, right from the indie musicians chosen for the line-up or the festival fashion.

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(Image source: Coachella Facebook)

Burning Man

Burning Man is one of the most important festivals in the world, not just for its size and scale but because of its affinity for creative and radical self-expression. It’s worth noting that in the age of individual and governmental censorship, there exists a festival where you can go to and be anything, naked included. That being said, Burning Man is the festival that one needs to check out to acquaint themselves with many visuals of counter-counter soundly brimming at the surface.

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The beautiful location of Sasquatch! itself bears great historical significance to America. The George, endowed with a scenic vision of hills along with the Columbia river is a natural amphitheatre that can seat upto 20,000 people. Not only is Sasquatch! one of the most beautifully picturesque music festivals, but its impressive line-up makes it that much popular!

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(Image source: Sasquatch! Facebook)


Bonnaroo gains as much traction for its brilliant line-up as it does for its art installations, making it one of the few commercial festivals to place equal emphasis on both. The success of it has actually inspired other large-scale festivals to inculcate experiences of other arts to go beyond the music space. The festival’s contribution to American music history is arguably one of the shiniest.

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(Image source: Bonnaroo Facebook)

Electric Forest

As opposed to its name, Electric Forest attempts to include artists from all over the spectrum, while combining that line-up with a surreal beauty that few festivals deliver. Its art installation, that are quite off the charts, creatively, beautifully gel with nature, making it one of the most spectacular music festival experiences in USA. Plus, Electric Forest also has the Silent Disco that is catching on like a hot plague!

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(Image source: Electric Forest Facebook)


Lollapalooza is a signal of American grandness as it combines artists from rock, pop, metal and electronic, across variation onto a single platform. Happening bang in the middle of Chicago, the festival is urban, cool and brings together a mammoth number of music fans.

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(Image source: Lollapalooza Facebook)

Lightning in a Bottle

Lightning in a Bottle is one of the world’s most precious transformational festivals, with its emphasis on sustainable, healthy and mindful living, and its affinity to wonderful creative expression. Along with a good line-up, LIB also boasts of beautifully festival set-up and a great, sensitive atmosphere, coupled with meditation centres.

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(Image source: Aaron Glassman | Lightning in a Bottle Facebook)


South by Southwest, more popularly known as SXSW is a one of a kind festival, held in Austin, Texas. SXSW contribution to the cultural space is huge as it takes over more than 100 venues across Austin by offering music, film and tech activities. SXSW is also phenomenally acclaimed for the discovery of many an independent music acts much before they became commercially popular.

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Hangout is legitimately a representation of America’s spring breaks! Fun loving people take it to the beach for some good ol’ music, parties, beer and lots of fun. Perhaps what makes Hangout America’s favourite beach festival. Plus, along with the brilliant artists who become a part of its line-up, the festival also enjoys good reviews for its environmental friendliness!

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(Image Source: Hangout Facebook)


Wakarusa is a large festival with an intimate offing. By amalgamating exceptionally good music with performance art, live painting, and various other activities, along with offering a more indie, earthy vibe, the festival is more transformational than commercial. Perhaps why it features on the list of one of the most loved American Festivals.

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(Image source: Wakarusa Facebook)