This amazing innovation, created by American graphic designer Sarah Lawrence, is one of the most convenient festival accessories that we’ve seen in a long time

Necessity is definitely the mother of invention. And Sarah Lawrence knows it more than anybody else. The American graphic designer recently created a temporary tattoo design for line-up schedules that you can put on your body. No more carrying unwieldy, and confusing, brochures.

Lawrence, who attended four festival this season, says on her website:

“Festivals usually give out paper brochures or booklets that let you keep track of your weekend, but what if they get soggy and wet in the torrential downpour ofΒ Shaky Knees 2014? What if you keep your schedule in your phone and the phone dies?”

The simplest, and the most convenient, thing to do is to stick the schedule on to your wrist just like those temporary kiddie tattoos.








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