One of the most prominent inventions that have evolved the quickest is the phone, and nowadays, holding a smartphone is like having a tiny computer in your hand. Smartphones can handle different capabilities, some of which have helped mental health resources become more accessible. This article will discuss how your smartphone can be an important asset if you’re looking to make a change in your life and improve your mental health.


Perhaps the best-known feature of all smartphones are “apps,” and there is probably one for just about anything you can think of.

The health field, in general, has made great use of developing apps that serve different purposes, and there are especially ones that are designed specifically for mental health.

A few examples of apps that are geared towards mental health are ones that help people track or record their progress, find new coping skills, learn how to meditate and induce relaxation, and even online therapy, which will be discussed later.

Many mental health applications are also free, but some may require a small fee in order to gain access to all of their features, but nonetheless, it’s a good idea to check out and see what mental health apps are relevant to your needs.

Internet Research

Your smartphone grants you access to an immeasurable amount of information right at your fingertips and learning more about what you’re going through will be essential to learn how to cope and overcome any issues you have.

From researching symptoms to discovering strategies that can help you, there is a wealth of knowledge online that is 100% centered on mental health topics and will attempt to answer any questions that you might have.

However, it’s important to understand that the internet isn’t a mental health professional and it shouldn’t be meant to diagnose you, but it can be a way to gather more information to discuss with someone who can.

Support Systems

Being near your phone allows you to be connected to others around the clock, and you have a variety of ways of communicating, such as texts, calls, and video chats.

While it’s excellent to discuss your thoughts and feelings with your friends and family members, it’s also important to try to get feedback and advice from people who are unbiased but still care about your wellbeing.

Your phone can help you get in touch with different support groups, and many of these have forums where you can write to each other, and from there, you can speak to each other more directly.

One of the most effective ways to find support is to talk to a counselor or therapist who understands what you’re going through and has helped others just like you. Technology has definitely made it easier to connect to licensed professionals and the next section will show you how you can start improving your mental health today.

How To Find A Therapist

The internet, apps, and smartphones have revolutionized the way people start getting mental health assistance and this is evident with the popularity of online therapy services.

MyTherapist is an example of one of these services that helps you get connected to licensed and professional counselors and therapists with the click a button. Everything can be done entirely from your smartphone, including your sessions, as long as you have a stable internet connection and microphone and camera to make communication as smooth as possible.

You can also use MyTherapist to obtain free advice for a variety of mental health topics, including ones that can give you additional help on how to find the right therapist for you.


Modern smartphones have become extremely capable devices, and many industries have been focused immensely on providing the best mobile experiences for people. This is especially true for the mental health field, and hopefully, this article has shown you how you can get the most out of your smartphone by exploring the different mental health resources available to you.