Because that is EXACTLY what the festival is about, right?

Burning Man completes 30 years and the journey till now has been great. The festival has come a long way from a bunch of kids during a wooden effigy every year. Now it’s a full-blown end-of-summer extravaganza that seems far off from the ‘ethos’ the festival is known to follow. More than a space for free creative expression, it has transformed into a destination for the uber rich to come and experience a very expensive ‘dystopian’ lifestyle.

People are beginning to hire stylists, who charge no less that $10,000 to decide their looks for the 8-day festival. A certain unnamed patron hired stylist Jasmien Hamed. “He is too busy in his life to spend time making costumes, and of course, costumes are a big part of the whole event. I make a whole concept for him, what I think he should be dressed like, what alter ego he should have. And shop for him and organise him and off he goes.” Whoa.

It’s interesting to see that the festival has become all that it was rebelling against, in its own hippie manner!