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8 Jul 2015


Where: Calvi, France

It is an open air music festival on the beach in the picturesque town of Calvi, northwest of the French Mediterranean island of Corsica. The 13th edition of Calvi On The Rocks is a treatment recommended in case of transient anxiety, irritability, insomnia and small forms. This remedy contains a lot of endorphins, UV, ice tea, pink. The dosage of Calvi On The Rocks is strictly individual. For best effect, it is recommended to go and rest on one of their beaches and be attentive to the artists of your organizations and your desires. However, it is beneficial to do moderate exercise: swimming, sand castle, swaying dances day and petanque music with Greenroom at 18:30 every night in the square Columbus.




(Image Courtesy: Calvi On The Rocks Facebook)