As if the Black Rock City festival wasn’t surreal enough, they’re introducing virtual reality tents to heighten your experience. 


We’re less than a month away before proceedings kick off in the Nevada desert, and with this latest development, you should really consider breaking your Burning Man virginity right now. Virtual Reality viewing stations have been set up at the venue with projections of Godzilla and animated robots dancing across the venue.

VR specialists Shannon Norrell and Dara Bonakdar are behind this project and they will be setting up more than 16 VR tents across the stretch, each having it’s own 30 x 20 projected screen. Although the project hasn’t reached it’s $35000 goal on Kickstarter yet, it’s expected to complete it very soon. If you wish to see this at the festival, you can still contribute HERE.

(Cover Image via: Tristan Savatier)