A successful Kickstarter project is creating a giant kaleidoscopic lounge at the Man this year. 

burning(via: Burning Man Website)

Burning Man’s image as a hippie’s haven has just been further shined up by this brand new installation that will be laid out at the venue this year. The festival dedicated to art and community has released a new website and announced its 2015 theme – ‘Carnival Of Mirrors’. Sticking to this theme, a bunch of innovators have successfully managed to fund their Kickstarter project which will feature a gigantic kaleidoscopic lounge walled with mirrors on all sides.

The large Hadron Kaleidoscope Ceiling will be covered with more than 2500 lights which make heart patterns whenever the light is in your field of vision. Burning Man became a non-profit organisation earlier this year and the staff has been working overtime to provide attendees with more wonder and magic on a global scale. The gathering has become a network of year-round events that bring the vision and ethos promoted by it to people all over the world. The new theme is designed to play with the minds of the festival-goer and it should be really exciting to see what else the festival has to offer this year.

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(Cover Image via: Jared Mechobar)