Every August, the Burning Man playa turns into an avant-garde/wacky version of Paris Fashion Week with Burners turning up in their strangest best.

Here are some of the most gloriously-creative costumes that made it to Black Rock City, this year. Crazy doesn’t even begin to describe it.

1.Inbred cats are much cute.

Aly 3


2. Headgear republic


3.  Stilts on stilts on stilts on stilts.


4. Masai Mara Mama

alyweisman business insider2



5. Daft Punk princesses 


6. Unicorn fairies


7. A Burner Professor Trelawnay

Aly 4


8. The silver surfer in a suit.



9. Beast heads


10. Theme queens


11. Uber Buddhists

alyweisman business insider3


12. Cotton Candy 




13. Jailor wizards



14. Captains of this shipwreck


15. Tinted

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16. Getting their cultural appropriation on. At least, it’s fashionable. Or something.

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18. LOL

alyweisman business insider


19. Minion granpas

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