The best of British and international acts will not let you and your indulgence down!

The annual Reading Festival is being held from the 25th-27th of August at Richfield Avenue in Reading, right along with the Leeds Festival taking place just a few hours away with the same acts for both the festivals. Although we would be a bit biased to Reading just because it’s the world’s oldest popular music festival still in existence.

The two popular music festivals have a massive number of acts taking multiple stages over the course of three days including Muse, Liam Gallagher, Bastille, Major Lazer, Kasabian, Eminem, Migos, Korn, Halsey, Flume, Fat Boys Slim, Dillon Francis, Marshmello, Bishop Briggs, Oh Wonder, Everything Everything and more, joining the massive holiday weekend extravaganza! See the entire line-up here:

There are still a few artists left to be revealed but they sure do a good job at convincing us to head there. Read on if you wanna know how to get to Reading and have the time of your life!

Festival Tickets:

(Credits: Joshua Halling)

The weekend long festival tickets are not exactly cheap as the festival tickets are approx. INR 18,300 including taxes. There are options for the festival and daily tickets here but Saturday is already sold out! Now, this might be more than anticipated but do you really need to put a price on the chance to see Liam Gallagher live? Not really!

Flying To Reading

(Credits: Sam Neill)

Since the booking will be done a few months in advance, the average cost from flying from anywhere in India to Heathrow in UK will be around INR 50,000. This is really good considering the fact that prices will skyrocket since it’ll be summer in the country and tourism will be at a high. Below are the options for Mumbai, New Delhi and Bengaluru from SkyScanner:


New Delhi:


Getting To The Festival:

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After you touch down at Heathrow, the airport itself is a stop on the Western Railway which has a train to Reading Station which is a ten minute walk away from the festival grounds. The journey takes a little over an hour with a train change in the middle, costing you a total of INR 1,670 after conversion. You could also get a direct bus to Reading Station and catch another bus to The Moderation, just a minute away from the venue. This journey will cost you INR 1,248.


(Credits: Kennerdeigh Scott)

Reading Festival has partnered with Pink Moon Camping which will provide a range of camping options for people to choose from. All of these tents are glamping quality so they’re going to be equipped with the cheapest accommodation of Podpads at INR 42,770 per person to full luxury Luxpads at INR 76,700 per person for all three days. However, you will be saving up on any other way of getting to the festival as you’ll be there within seconds and make a whole new group of friends you get to bunk with! Click here to see all your options. There are a few hotel options provided by the festival itself starting at INR 50,000 per person plus the coach to the festival. Choose wisely.

Food & Beverages:

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There is no denying the fact that the drinks will be flowing at the venue as its an 18+ festival. In order to experience the best of the food and drinks for the duration of three days, we suggest you keep aside 150 pounds or INR 12,500 at the very least.

The Count:

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Adding up the total for the Reading Festival in UK, the cost for one person will be INR 1,42,470 to be exact.

Not exactly cheap but its the best way to see a bunch of your musical heroes in your lifetime. Head on and book everything now before it’s too late!