The retired DJ is bringing music to the Buddist temple!

Religion tends to move towards a more traditional approach to worship, but Buddhist priest Gyosen Asakura is trying to take a new direction when it comes to services offered at temples.

The priest was a DJ before he gave up his profession to become a spiritual man. However, he is currently raising money to hold ‘psychedelic techno funeral services’ at the Fukui City in Japan. He has already performed two such services in the past and we have one for you to witness on your own:

The magical ambiance is created using breakbeats, IDM, sound art as well as stunning visuals that you would never see in a club, let alone an actual temple. Asakura states, “Originally, golden decorations in the temple are expressions of paradise light. However, the light of a traditional temple has not changed its form from 1000 years ago to use candlelight, even after electricity was invented. I felt doubtful about that, and then I thought about expressing paradise with the latest stage lighting such as 3D mapping. We also hope to revive the Japanese faith with these ceremonies.” Talk about going all out for faith!

The man has already beaten his original crowdfunding goal from 300,000 yen to 350,000 yen and he’s hoping to collect even more before the deadline ends on the 24th of February.

Go check out the page and donate a few bucks to this progressive man trying to bring a change.