A starry night spent in this tent will be all too real.

Bubble hotels can give you the ultimate camping experience at outdoor festivals!


Camping at outdoor music festivals is a rite of passage for many a festival-frequent. Whether it’s a mucky affair like Glastonbury or a more refined one like Shambhala, camping forms an important part of experiencing a music festival. Good tents are difficult to find, and good tents for camping festivals, even harder, although this one would seem perfect.

This inflatable tent will protect you from bad weather, mosquitoes and will also allow you to enjoy a starry night under the night sky. This luxurious tent (priced at $1400) are for those who want to experience the outdoors, but also feel warm and comfortable as well. As you guessed this little bubble of heaven doesn’t come cheap but ican be a great investment if you’re a frequent festival camper.

In short these are it’s benefits :

1. Inflatable, therefore you can avoid pitching and the fear of the tent flying away.

2. Completely waterproof and air tight = no muck and bugs

3. It’s transparent quality can make you experience the outdoors extraordinarily, especially if camp by a lake or a beach.

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