The two superstars will be performing together in Mumbai!

Beginning his journey as a music fanatic and finance major, Kygo worked his way up to the status of A-list collaborator and Billboard chart-topper in an astounding span of just three years! With his innate talent and tropical sound, the Norwegian Producer and DJ is a fan favorite. Making his way to India this month, he will be performing at the Ola Sunburn Arena Tour by Percept Live in Hyderabad on the 24th, New Delhi on the 25th and Mumbai on the 26th. The DJ has just revealed a sweet surprise for Mumbai fans- teasing an international guest appearance with pop singer Ellie Goulding! The two have collaborated previously on “First Time”. This will be Ellie’s second visit to the Indian subcontinent, and while promoters remain tight-lipped about the details, preparations are already underway.

Credit: BBC

Kygo’s sturdy musical career has been growing at a steady rate since his debut single Firestone with Conrad Sewell made it to top 10 charts across the world. His collaboration with Ed Sheeran on the remix of I See Fire introduced him to a whole new legion of fans. He went on to take the place of long-time idol Avicii on the Coachella lineup during his first international tour. His debut collection, Could Nine, birthed some great singles, accentuated by his use of space-age synths and romantic future vibes. Soon after, he popped into the studio to collaborate with Selena Gomez and Goulding, amongst others. In November of 2017, he released 8 new tracks on his LP, Kids in love, broadening his sound and tuning it to seem more sophisticated.

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Through this incredible journey, loyal EDM fans have always supported his choices. Between streaming platforms, YouTube and Soundcloud, Kygo has amassed over 1 billion views.

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