One of Boston’s biggest euphonious events, Boston Calling manages to churn quite the line-up each year! This year’s assortment though should quite easily make you want to get a ticket.

The spring edition of Boston Calling, three days of the next weekend, is sure to be counted among one of the better lined festivals this year, purely because of the kind of names taking centre stage! The Sherp rounds up the artists that are working making that trip to Massachusetts. For, if you love music, it doesn’t get better than this!


1. Beck

Beck, here, is the man of the moment, and for more reasons than almost being interrupted by Kanye West at the Grammy. Beck Hansen has been around for almost two decades and in that while has produced some of the most exceptional music of this generation. His creative uniqueness has also quite easily made him a stand-out artist in any manner. So all that you read about him today, has been long overdue, which is why calling him as the headlining artist on day 1 is an absolute must. His Grammy winning album, ‘Morning Phase’ is pure delight, but you wish he’d do a career-spanning gig, because it’s quite an illustrious one.

2. Tame Impala

Tame Impala is slowly transitioning into a popular force of psychedelic music and we’re loving it. The band’s earlier albums were rock hybrids, but with their new found electronica sound, you’d know why Kevin Parker is famous for what he is. Their new album is being released one song at a time and we’ve loved what we heard, as we’re sure will you. Catching them live will have them play the new songs from Currents along with tracks from Lonerism and Innerspeaker.

3. Pixies

Local band, Pixies, have been a favourite in the alternative rock circuit for year now. They’re the band that influenced Radiohead, Blur and The Strokes and with good reason. Following the release of their 2014 album Indie Cindy, they’re back to hometown Boston for this edition of Boston Calling. Expect them to go a little nostalgic, and should we say – career spanning? And if you’re not a fan, be prepared to become one.

4. St. Vincent

St. Vincent’s Annie Clark is quite easily one of the most interesting female musicians of this period, not quite the run-of-the-mill stuff you’re prone to seeing. Her last album especially is pure brilliance, with spaced out music, almost dark if you can call it that! And St. Vincent is extremely well known for her eclectic live performances. Which makes it even more important you catch her. Trust us, her music is pure addiction.

5. Tenacious D

Wikipedia might describe them as a comedy rock duo, but nothing can take away from their musical genius. Combining absurd lyrics with some serious rock tunes, the band comprising of Jack Black and Kyle Glass will be at the festival on Sunday, and be prepared for a vulgarly entertaining, yet musically invigorating live performance. We mean, have you heard Jack Black sing?

6. Run The Jewels

The hip-hop group of Run The Jewels might be comparatively nascent in comparison, but packs in quite the punch with their well-balanced discography. The band has received unanimous praise for their festival performances, which is why their inclusion in the Boston Calling line-up should get you genuinely excited.

7. Chet Faker

We all love Chet Faker’s smooth and intricately intimate style. The man is a sensuous crooner, and his music is soulfully stirring. At Coachella, he rocked quite the electronic set, before hitting the vocals, and it’d be great if he pulled that off again. Even if he didn’t, that’s the kind of voice you want to hear live. It’s beautiful and that’s the kind of vocal melody you should not be missing.

8. My Morning Jacket

My Morning Jacket’s style is quite varied, in the sense that they pack in psychedelic rock, with a slightly country spirit, or indie rock, with some pop re-workings. Which is what makes the band such a delight, even now. Their last album, The Waterfall, was in fact, quite ambient in nature, making the band a must-see live group.

(all images courtesy: Boston Calling Facebook)