If you’re trotting around Europe this August and hoping to buy a last minute ticket for Boom, Portugal – just don’t. 

boom sold out

Portugal’s top psytrance festival has closed it’s doors for anyone trying to hitch a last minute pass for Boom 2014, claiming they believe in ‘quality over quantity’ and have already reached their full capacity and hence, no more passes for the festival will be on sale.

boom inside 4

boom inside

Here’s the message they sent out on their official website:

Back in 2013 we established a maximum population count based on our idea of a comfortable experience with enough water, toilets, food, shade and a low impact on the environment. It is and has always been our firm commitment to provide the best possible experience for all Boomers, and it is this commitment that inspired us to stop ticket sales once we reached the maximum carrying capacity for the land itself.

Boom values quality over quantity, and we would rather close ticket sales than create discomfort and inconvenience for tens of thousands of people coming from all corners of the globe. It is one of Boom’s principles not to turn into a mainstream festival, for we value the family spirit and the feeling of connection that can be created among Boomers when the festival is not overcrowded.

We are aware that a sold out event will prevent many people from buying that last-minute ticket at the door. We are truly sorry about that. It is as painful for us to say “no” as it must be for you to hear “no.” But it is our greater responsibility to enforce this limit.

Tickets have been available online since November 3rd 2013, and we have done everything in our power to ensure that everyone could experience Boom using whatever payment methods that are available: online tickets, Bitcoins, direct sales from 100 Boom Ambassadors in 50 countries. And each phase of ticket sales had multiple pricing systems (Regular Price, Social Price, Friendly Price, Guest Country) to make sure that economic difficulties would not prevent anyone from being part of Boom 2014.

Reaching full capacity is an amazing collective success and we must thank every single Boomer who is supporting this year’s edition. This has allowed the Boom Team to manifest the amazing beauty, creativity, love and technological mastery that is blooming all over Boom Land!

A sold out event also means that more and more new people are becoming aware of the existence of this independent culture nurturing alternatives to dominant culture. One of the Boom’s primary intentions is to spread new ideas like seeds, to begin to build a new social, cultural and ecological model.

In less than two weeks we will open the gates to all ticket holders and together we will make magic happen again!

But we will not forget about the rest of you who could not come.

We are, in our hearts, All One.

Boom Team ”

boom festival 5

boom festival

If you want a taste of the 60’s, book yourself a Boom trip every other year. Bohemian and spiritual at its core, Boom is a savored transformational festival that’s so laid-back, its organizers only put it on everyone other year.

The 10th edition of the Boom Festival kicks off this August (4 – 11th) at the Idanha – A –Nova Lake in Portugal.