The festival throws all forms of rules out the window for unadulterated fun and music.

Boogaloo Art Car & Music Festival is making its way to Oak Canyon Park in California for its latest edition this April from the 28th to the 30th of the month and there are a number of reasons why you should be there.

The festival is the outcome of the The Dirty Beetles crew, who created this more approachable version of Burning Man with the help of their experience while travelling across Burning Man with their Boogaloo, a huge gas powered Rhino Beetle. See how their 2016 edition went down:

The festival will be filled with performances by artists like Z-TRIP, A Skillz and Mark Farina who will be performing a special mushroom jazz set. Joining them will be Vanilla ACE, DJ Dan, Lonely Boy and Fritz Carlton. A number of crews will be present to add another dimension to this wild festival with Noise Revolt, Bass Tribe, Camp Charlie, Grateful Generation, Tasty Noodles and many more.

See the entire line-up here:

The festival will also feature some out-of-the-world art cars, festival art which will leave you gaping, loud music and some serious swag when it comes to your approach to the festival. This lakeside party adventure will help you recreate a sense of belonging in a community filled with all kinds of people who share the same amazing music sense as you do!

Find out more about the festival as well as ticket bookings for the same right here.