Bonnaroo’s 2015 schedule has the internet going nuts. Here’s why.

After Bonnaroo initially disclosed their festival schedule, majority of the potential festival attendees (or what seemed like it) were unhappy at best. The dauinting concern/complaint was the the schedule caused major clashes between numerous acts such as Flying Lotus vs. Odesza and Tears of Fear vs. Ben Folds, etc. Given the expansive size of the lineup, that’s somewhat understandable, but the schedule was seen as too closely knit together, and the fans were not pleased with it, to say the least.


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This ensued Consequence of Sound to release their article about Bonnaroo’s 10 worst clashes. Yes, it was that bad, apparently. After a slew of angry status updates and comments on Facebook, the festival just updated their schedule.


While many in the masses are pleased by this, for some, like these guys, it just made things worse.

Check out more reactions to the update below.





Check out the schedule here. Stay tuned to the Sherp for more festival-esque udates.