Bob Marley’s son Stephen gives a take on how his father had socially conscious music.

The son of reggae God, Bob Marley, has called for more social consciousness in music, saying his father believed songs should have strong messages.

Stephen, was still a child when his father died in 1981, but said his father taught him how there is a strong understanding in the power of music.

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He said: “When I was younger I definitely wondered what he would think all the time. The values we were taught are a part of me and I don’t think about that now. My morals are instilled and it comes out of me. I had great mentors and I know he knows what is going on. He wouldn’t agree with everything, but most things.”


He added: “I remember when I was younger he said to me I was singing too many songs about girls. He thought the message was more important. I always remember that. I was eight years old then but I was aware I can’t just sing anything, it has to have a message.”

“He was very intricate and serious about the power and influence of music.”

“As a young man making music, he watched the integrity and advocacy of our lives. The older we got, the less disagreements we had. We need more conscious music, our society needs an influx of consciousness, music has such a big influence, it comes with a responsibility.”

“The point of music is it brings people together. Know the responsibility that comes with this talent, the impact you have on the masses.That ‘s what I would say to the younger ones to use their gift for a positive way.”

Stephen has a good number of plans and songs to be put up along with his brother Damian Marley. They say they have a really good connect and a lot of songs together.