The musician said he accepts his Nobel Prize in literature, ending a hush since being awarded the prize earlier this month.

So it turns out Bob Dylan has heard that he won the Nobel Prize in Literature after all. The notoriously media-shy Dylan had not made any comment on the $1.5 million prize, despite repeated attempts by award-givers at the Swedish Academy to contact him since it named him as the winner on October 13th.

In an interview with The Telegraph, Bob Dylan said he “absolutely” wants to attend the Nobel Prize Award Ceremony “if it’s at all possible” in December, finally breaking his silence about earning the eminent accolade.


Dylan added to the honour, stating “It’s hard to believe,” and admitted he hasn’t thought much about whether he’s worthy of the Nobel Prize for Literature. “I’ll let other people decide what they are. The academics, they ought to know. I’m not really qualified,” Dylan said. “I don’t have any opinion.”.

However, Dylan reportedly told The Telegraph newspaper that he intended to pick up the award in person “if at all possible”.

The Nobel Prize Award Ceremony takes place December 10th in Stockholm. Dylan is the first musician to earn the Nobel Prize in literature.