BlareMob is all set to amplify our musical lexicon in electronic house music with their brand new EP, No Brainer. BlareMob, of Keshav Bhardwaj (aka Klipr) and Himanshu Chhabra fame, is a New Delhi-based electronic and EDM DJ/Producer group. Influenced by the music scene in international circuits like Miami, Ibiza, and Barcelona, the Delhi based artist duo’s latest offering that has six tracks, has been launched under Keshav Bhardwaj’s record label, Streamin’ Music Group.
The tracks include Shuffle, Decipher, Internet Princess, In Your Face, Get Low and Rock Your Body.
About the concept of this EP, Keshav Bhardwaj, Founder, Streamin Music Group said, they wanted to have fun with the music they were producing for this EP. “The tracks in this EP are a bit more on the funky and groovy side while still maintaining some intensity of our style,” he said.
When asked about the name, Keshav said, “No Brainer means ‘something that requires little or no mental effort’. This EP features music purely for fun and dance, without too much thought.”
The EP is available on all digital platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, Beatport, Amazon Music, to name a few.
No Brainer EP Spotify Link

The duo has been making original hits since 2017. With a shared passion for music and a wide range of stylistic influences, the group has only just scratched the surface of their creative potential. They have a lot more still under wraps.
Having known each other their entire lives, Keshav and Himanshu have always shared/done everything together. Their love for music took them to some of the most iconic musical festivals in the world. They have used these experiences, the styles of their favourite artists, as well as the excitement and energy of the crowds as inspiration for their work. Himanshu is interested in the pop-music side of the electric genre. He is inspired by artists like The Chainsmokers, Armin Vaan Buuren, and Skrillex. Keshav tends to favour the more intense and technical styles of artists like
Tiësto, Chocolate Puma, and Martin Garrix. After years of working together, their keen creative sense allows them to merge their individual influences and styles, resulting in a sound that is unique, exciting, and bold.
BlareMob has garnered significant attention from both fans and critics in the past with the release of singles like, ‘Diamond’, ‘Stabbed’ and ‘Nightlong’. These tracks are perfect examples of the duo’s ability to experiment and blend different sounds together. While the songs are heavily driven by dance beats, they also feature technical synth breakdowns that are reminiscent of a true EDM banger. The result is a unique track that will appeal to both casual pop listeners and fans of heavier electronic music. In the coming months, the group plans to develop some of their larger projects.
Keshav and Himanshu’s experience in the music industry has been amazing. It allowed them to not only grow closer as friends but also push them to chase their individual dreams. At the heart of their music, BlareMob is bound together by two friends with a shared love for music.