Beyond Spirit Festival’s psychedelic beats and hilly landscape are calling out to festival-goers around the country.

It’s rare that full-on psy-trance parties take a more legitimate festival route but after the success of Beyond Spirit’s first execution of the festival in 2012, they seem doubly confident the second time round. The organisers are firm promoters of music, oneness and connecting with the cosmos through aural and natural mediums. Hence why they choose to host it in Himachal Pradesh’s gorgeous Kasol valley, right by the banks of the Parvati river.

Organizers promise 36 hours of nonstop music, a chillout/spiritual stage for the ones who may need to take a break from the 150-and-up bpm music as well as fairly reasonable accommodation nearby. The lineup includes huge names from well-known psy record labels of the underground such as Israel’s Nano Records, UK’s Bom Shanka Music, Australia’s 3rd Eye Productions and many more in the international realm as well as several local pay favourites such as Dual Shifters, Audiogramme and Vivek Phoenix to name a few.

The crowd and vibe here is relatively easy to pre-define. If non stop foot-stomping, high frequency sounds, high-bpm music and copious consumption of substances (come on, it’s in the hills) to keep you going through it all appeals to you, not to mention a huge gathering of people with a very similar mindset, then this is the right festival for you.

The Beyond Spirit Festival will take play on May 11 and 12. Gates open at 8 a.m. on May 11