Calling the Bey Hive! This news will make you freak!

From stunning live performances that take our breath away to adorable selfies, Beyonce captures our hearts every single time! After news broke that the singer won’t be performing at the Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival 2017, fans and festival goers were left heartbroken. However, the star was quick to post a little something on social media to perhaps make her fans smile or cheer up their day a little bit.

Campaigning to be one of the most adorable photos ever, Beyonce put up an Instagram post of an oh-so-cute Snapchat photo of her and her daughter, Blue Ivy. Using one of the popular deer face filters on the social media app; the photo suggested that the Grammy award-winner has a secret Snapchat account. Not that we need to mention, but the photo was quick to take over the Internet with fans going into a frenzy over the possibility of the singer being on Snapchat; with people even responded with everything from complete disbelief to detailed steps to find her account.

Take a look at the adorable photo below:

However, knowing how the star likes her privacy, we don’t expect her to reveal her Snapchat user name anytime soon. But we can still hope, right?