The Sonic Realm Stage had a makeover and the result is just wow!

The Sonic Realm stage a.k.a. the main stage at Vh1 Supersonic has always been the heart of the festival. Initially branded as the Iron Heart stage, the metallic wonder at the festival for its first two editions, the main stage is notorious for hosting the biggest names in the business year after year.

For the 2017 edition, the Sonic Realm stage was born, and it looked like something right out of fantasy movie set. 

This edition, the main stage has gone through some serious makeover and the result is jaw-dropping gorgeous! From the 9th to the 11th February 2018, at Laxmi Lawns in Pune, you can witness it in all its grandeur.

As described in the image, the Sonic Realm stage “brings together the fantastical sights and dystopian fairy tales that you see in your dreams and somehow almost mysteriously forget”. If you ask us, it looks like a recreation of Alice’s Wonderland. The different elements adorning the stage are a clock (the White Rabbit’s accomplice), a hat (eerily reminds us of the Mad Hatter’s hat), a deer, a steaming kettle (Mad Hatter’s tea party anybody?), a ladybug, a snail, the paired castles, Icarus wings, Ancient mushrooms and perfumed flowers. If you look closely, a little paragraph describing each element has been noted down. It’ll make for a great read, so zoom into it.

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