Football or Rugby has seen a massive boom in popularity in recent years. The gaming market took notice4 of it and developed great games, such as Madden!

But not everyone could afford a console, so we made a list of the best rugby games available on mobile, these games have great mechanics which are on par with PC titles.

Rugby Games available on android and IOS

Rugby Hard Runner

Rugby Hard Runner is a game for low-end devices. In this list, we have many great rugby games, but most of them require flagship processing power. But Rugby Hard Runner is an exception, it has great mechanics and graphics and can run on almost every device with decent RAM.

Rugby Nations 19

Rugby nations has a great number of features. The game has various players from the top teams, the game allows you to create your team, your own stadium, and even your own jerseys! And the graphics and controls of the game are flawless.

All these features are available for free to download!

Rugby League 20

Rugby league 20 is hands down the best Rugby experience you can get on a handheld device. The game allows you to play in the national leagues of Australia and England.

The game is known for its great multiplayer online versus mode. The developers just added support for a controller which makes this game even better. The graphics in this game are top-notch the controls in this game are top-notch.

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